Root Canals in Lakeview, Chicago, IL

While root canals have a bad reputation, the truth is that this treatment is relatively simple and painless because of modern dental technology. If you have a severe infection in your tooth, then you are likely living with a lot of pain and discomfort. A root canal is an effective solution to remove the infection and alleviate the symptoms, helping you save the tooth and delay or avoid tooth extraction.

Our team at Fresh Dental is here to help. If you are looking for a dental root canal near you, then we invite you to book an appointment with our specialist in root canal in Lakeview, Chicago, IL. We offer full-service care for both general dentistry and restorative treatments.


How It Works: Endodontic Therapy

Root canals fall in the category of endodontic treatment, which consists of therapies to treat the inner portion and root of the tooth. If there is an infection and it has moved deep within the tooth, then it’s necessary to remove the infection as soon as possible. Prompt treatment helps to eliminate the need for more intensive dental care later on.

During a root canal treatment, the dentist drills deep into the tooth to access the pulp where the infection is located. The middle of the tooth is hollowed out using specialized dental tools. Then, the inside area of the tooth is sealed. Sometimes, it’s necessary to pack the middle of the tooth with antibiotic treatment first, then the patient comes back to our nearby office for another appointment to seal the tooth and finish the procedure.

Since the overall structure of the tooth is weakened by a root canal, it’s common for endodontic specialists in Lakeview, Chicago, IL to recommend a restorative treatment as well. For example, most teeth treated with root canals will be strengthened with a crown on top.

Save Your Tooth with Root Canal Therapy

There’s no question that visiting a specialist in root canal in Lakeview, Chicago, IL can be the solution to alleviate your pain and reduce the risk of dental extraction. While the hope is to catch a tooth infection in the earliest stages (when a basic filling is sufficient), there are times when root canals are necessary.

The good news is that your tooth will look and feel natural after the endodontic treatment is finished. Many patients experience a bit of tenderness for a few days after the root canal. But the nerves within the tooth have been removed, which means that the severe pain will be gone.

Call the Root Canal Experts at Fresh Dental

Rest assured that you can relax in the dental chair when we are using modern root canal technology. If you are looking for a root canal expert close to you, then we invite you to contact our office for more information. Our team is in your area and offers full-service dental care for the whole family.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is it painful to have a root canal?

No, you won’t experience any pain during the appointment. We use local anesthetic to ensure your comfort. The truth is that getting a root canal is a similar experience to getting a dental filling.

2.How long will it take to complete the root canal?

When you are visiting a specialist in root canal in Lakeview, Chicago, IL, the appointment usually takes less than two hours. Sometimes, it’s necessary to schedule two appointments if the tooth is severely infected.

3.My tooth doesn’t hurt. Why do I need a root canal?

Regardless of the severity of your pain symptoms, a root canal can be an essential treatment if there is decay within the tooth. A root canal can be a preventive treatment to help you avoid significant pain in the future.

4.Will dental insurance pay for my endodontic treatment?

Since root canals are considered general dentistry (and not cosmetic), most dental insurance providers will pay for the dental services.


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